(A Company Promoted by the District Panchayath, Palakkad)
Regd: Office: District Panchayath Building Palakkad-678001,


  • Name of work :Civil works of 1MW (2 X 0.5MW) Palakkuzhy Small Hydro Electric Project
  • Period of completion of work :24 Months
  • Probable amountof contract : Rs.5.63 Crores
  • Earnest Money Deposit :Rs. 14,08,700/- (By On line payment through NEFT/RTGS/SBT Internet Banking only)
  • Tender document Fee : Rs25000/- + 5% KVAT
    (By Online Payment through NEFT/RTGS/SBT Internet Banking only)
  • Availability of Tender : Documents Can be down loaded from the website from 24.06.2017.
  • Name of Office Inviting Tender : Office of the Chief Engineer, Palakkad Small hydro Company Ltd, District Panchayath building Palakkad.


1.Notice Inviting bid                                                                         : 24.06. 2017
2.Down loading Bid Documents start date                                     :24.06.2017
3.Last date of issue/download of Bid Documents                         :13.09.2017 10.00.AM
4.Last date of receiving queries with respect to bid documents  : 17.08.2017
5. Pre-bid meeting                                                                            : 24.08.2017 11.00AM
6. Starting date of Submission of Bids                                           :1.07.2017 11.00AM
7. Closing date of submission of Bids                                           : 13.09.2017 05.00 PM
8. Opening of PQ bids                                                                     : 18.09.2017 11.00 AM
9. Announcement of qualified bidders                                           : 25.09.2017
10. Opening of Price bid                                                                 : 28.09.2017 11.00AM
11. Finalizing Successful Bidder                                                   : 07.10.2017
12. Intimation of Selection of Bidder                                           : 07.10.2017
13. Execution of Agreement                                                          : 17.10.2017

All communications shall be addressed to the Chief Engineer, Palakkad Small hydro Company Ltd,] District Panchayath building, Palakkad. The EMD and the nonrefundable Tender document fee shall be remitted online through SBT internet Banking or NEFT/RTGS payment Gateway mode. Mode of payment other than the above will not be allowed .Bidder should ensure that tender document fee and EMD are remitted as one single transaction and not separate. Separate or split remittance for tender document fee and EMD shall be treated as invalid transaction. The NEFT facility for online payment may be exercised at least 48 hours before the closing date of the bid to ensure that payment towards tender document fee and EMD are credited and a confirmation is reflected in the e-procurement system.

All the Tender documents are to be submitted online only and in the designated Covers/envelopes on the above website and no manual submission shall be entertained.

The scanned copies of agreement executed in Kerala Govt. stamp paper worthRs.200/- and Experience certificate showing experience in the execution of similar work in Govt. / public sector undertaking/documents mentioned elsewhere in the bid documents are to be attached along with the bid through online. The bid shall be opened online at the office of the Chief Engineer, Palakkad Small hydro Company Ltd, District Panchayath Building Palakkad on the date and time mentioned above.
Experience Certificate/copy of the Agreements in stamp paper and All Documents indicating E-tender number PSHC/PMHP/e-T 2 /2017-18 dated 24.06.2017 shall be submitted along the e tender. Agreement in original has to be submitted on or before the opening of the e tender.

All bidders participating in the tender should have a valid Digital Signature Certificate availed from an approved Certifying Authority.
Further details can be had from Office of the Chief Engineer, Palakkad Small Hydro Company Ltd, District Panchayath building Palakkad 0491 2505504 Email:

Chief Engineer
Palakkad Small Hydro Company Limited