The capacity of Koodam Small Hydel Project is 4.5 MW (2 x 2.25MW), 10.5 MU (Million Units). Koodam Small Hydro Electric Project is in Mannarkkad taluk, Sholayur Village and Sholayur Panchayat. The Proposed site is at Maranatty, 13 km away from Agali. The Project is in Kallanthodu river of Bhavani basin. It is decided to implement the project through Palakkad Small Hydro Comapany Limited which is promotrd by Palakkkad District Panchayat. The Koodam Project is allotted by the Government of Kerala for implementation to the Palakkkad District Pancahayat vide No. k.D (km[m)\w.204/15/Du.h. Xncph\´]pcw, Xn¿Xn,13.08.2015 ,DuÀÖ hIp¸v.

There is PWD road up to Chittoor and beyond there is a coup road about 3 km up to weir site. Beyond 3 km a new road is to be constructed.1 km road is to be constructed to reach PH site also. Weir is at Kallanthode. Propose two bridges also if the chittoor irrigation project is materialized. There is no Forest land, only Private rubber plantation. This is a run off the river Scheme.

The river basin is Bhavani. The Project consists of a concrete gravity weir of length 145 M and height 10M. A low pressure pipe 1.5 m diameter of 900 M length and A fore bay 7 m diameter 18 m height is to be constructed. The circular shape penstock of 530 length and diameter 1.3 m has also to be constructed. The 2×2.25 MW horizontal type Francis turbine of net head 173 M will be fed by two feeder pipes of 1m Diameter.

The component structures are

  •  A concrete gravity weir of 145m length having overflow portion of length 30m.The height above foundation of over flow portion is 10m and non overflow portion is 12.3 m. The top width of weir is 2 m.
  •  An Intake size of 2.2mx2.5m at the left bank
  •  Trash rack size of 3.64×5.5 m
  •  A low pressure pipe(LPP) of 900m length and 1.5 m diameter
  •  A fore bay of dia 7m and height 18m
  •  Steel penstock of 530m length with 1.3 m diameter
  •  2 number feeder pipes having 1.00 m diameter.
  •  Power house of 26mx11mx12m dimensions
  •  The crane capacity is 5T
  •  Horizontal type Francis Turbine

Cost of the Project as per 2015 DSR

1. Electrical and Mechanical :                                                  Rs.18.00 Crores

2. Total for civil works say :                                                     Rs.28.41 Crores

TOTAL COST OF THE PROJECT including IDC consultancy etc. : Rs. 55.89 Cr

It is proposed to meet 30% of the total cost, coming to 16.77 crores, from equity participation and balance Rs.39.12 Crores, 70% of the total cost from financial agencies like NABARD etc.