tail race micro project

A proposal has been mooted by the M/s. Palakkad Small Hydro Co. Ltd (PSHC), to set up a 40 KW micro hydroelectric project, utilizing the tail water flow from the Meenvallom Small Hydro Project. A Feasibility Report has been prepared by Energy Management Centre, Thiruvananthapuram after the joint reconnaissance visit to the plant. The Proposal is for establishing a micro project using Archimedean Hydro power Screw turbine at a drop of 4 m fall from tailrace channel. The 30 Rpm speed of screw will be increased by speed increaser gear box to the rated speed of the generator. A small Power House around 4×4 m would be constructed.

EMC has been awarded with the responsibility for preparing the DPR. Preparation of DPR which generally includes: Collection of hydrological data, Infrastructure & Land, Power potential studies for optimum water utility and to fix the optimum and rating of generating unit. Design of cost effective component structures for the project including optimization studies, election of type of T-G & auxiliaries. Estimates for civil, electrical and mechanical works. Drawings of various component structures and schematic diagrams based on preliminary design. Economic evaluation Payback period. Construction schedule and planning, construction programme, Procurement and Erection & Commissioning.